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One January is an ethical activewear company that makes sustainable athletic apparel from recycled plastics. We are committed to supporting global sport opportunities for women impacted by war. 

Meet the Founder

I created One January to connect women across borders to rise and push boundaries on and off the field. As an Athlete, I’ve seen the difficulties women can face to simply go for a jog, let alone train as a competitive athlete. 

We’re an ethical activewear company based in Austin, Texas that makes sustainable apparel from recycled plastics. We have committed to match $1 donation for every $1 we make to support global sport opportunities for women impacted by war. Our goal is to empower women and improve women’s athletic perception and turnout. 

Jackie Faye worked alongside NATO as a Journalist in Afghanistan for 6 years, until recently; returning stateside July of 2021. From NATO's Headquarters in Kabul she launched a nonprofit, She Can Tri. An organization dedicated to empowering women who are the greatest in need and hold the most potential for positive change through sports. In 2020, they made history as She Can Tri's Zeinab became the first Afghan woman to finish an IRONMAN event.

To launch She Can Tri, in 2018, Jackie Faye became the first woman in the world to complete six IRONMAN competition on six continents within one year. Also, in 2018, her two-part series about the double standard for women in the U.S. Marine Corps was nominated for an Emmy.

Jackie is available for online programs, media interviews, podcasts and keynotes on the following topics: women in innovation, women in high performance, and using sports as a vehicle for social change for yourself and others. Please email marketing@onejanuary.com to get in touch.


Jackie Faye, Changemaker

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Social Consciousness

We’re a company created from a unique global perspective and committed to sustainable products, manufacturing, and consumption to minimize our company’s eco-footprint. We ethically source sustainable fabrics and recyclable plastic processing. We’re committed to treating people fairly, amplify a learning environment and diversity in the workplace and vendor relationships. One January is an equal opportunity employer, and advocate for equal pay to improve the gender gap.

Make $1 Give $1

Millions are born into conflict or extreme poverty each year - many don't even know their date of birth.If they make it to apply for official documents later in life they get assigned a day - One January.Named for those individuals we will work to empower them by giving 50% of profits to our non-profit partner to provide sports training to women and girls in war - changing the perception of what women can do worldwide. 100% of donations go to She-Can-Tri, to directly support women's sport programs and opportunities for women impacted by war. 

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